Current Projects

Aquahub II – Education and Research Hubs for the Sustainable Management of Freshwater Ecosystems in Eastern Africa
Field study in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia (with BOKU, Vienna).

since 2017
Cross-Cultural Study on Orientation towards Cardinal Directions
Data collection at UN, in Latin America and in Africa.

since 2014
Cross-Cultural Study on Emotional Ratings of Sounds
Data collection at UN, in South East Asia and Latin America.

since 2012
Cultural Identity in Global Stratifications
Data collection at UN, in Africa, Europe, Latin America, South East Asia and on Atlantic islands.

since 2010
MMPI-2-screening of AIDS orphans in East Africa (with DAAD support):
Cooperation with the University of Minnesota (USA), Makerere University (Kampala, Uganda) and the Ocean One Social Centre (Soroti, Uganda);
Data collection in Uganda and Rwanda.

since 2009
Cross-Cultural Olfactory Survey (with DAAD support – poster)
data collection at UN and in India (Soliga; also supported by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi), Cameroon (Bagyeli), Uganda (Batwa, Teso), Ethiopia (Hamer), Panama (Emberá, Wounaan), Perú (Bora, Yagua, Cocama), Colombia (Emberá, Yagua), Brazil (Marubo, Tuyuka), French Guyana (Wayampi).

since 2009
Yiddish Dictionary. Compilation of a tree part dictionary:
German – Yiddish (original Hebrew letters) – transcription,
Transcription – Yiddish – German,
Yiddish – Transcription – German.

since 2008
Culturally Sustainable Tourism (intervention project, as of yet Africa and Latin America)
in Cameroon with the Ministry of Tourism, Kribi, and in Uganda with UWA.

since 2008
Icon Recognition (with DAAD support)
Investigation of the “culture free“ concept; data collection at the UN; in Cameroon (Bagyeli), South Africa (Venda), Uganda (Batwa), Ethiopia, Panama (Emberá).

since 2005
Early Tsunami Awareness in Indigenous Peoples
(data collection at UN)

since 2000
Culturally sustainable behaviour modification of persons visiting indigenous peoples; since 2011 listed by UNESCO as a measure to maintain cultural diversity. Please see the sub-title „Preservation of cultural diversity in the tourism sector“ on p. 89 of UNESCO’s Quadrennial Periodic Report on Measures to Protect and Promote the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

since 1999
New Strategy Against Female Genital Mutilation (with partner organisations in Africa)
Intervention project, systemic approach