Current Projects

since 2017
Cross-Cultural Study on Orientation towards Cardinal Directions
Data collection at UN

since 2012
Cultural Identity in Global Stratifications
Data collection at UN, in Cameroon, Uganda and Rwanda.

since 2010
MMPI-2-screening of AIDS orphans in East Africa (with DAAD support):
Cooperation with the University of Minnesota (USA),
Data collection in Uganda and Rwanda.

since 2009
Cross-Cultural Olfactory Survey (with DAAD support)
data collection at UN and in India (Soliga; also supported by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi), Cameroon (Bagyeli), Uganda (Batwa), Ethiopia (Hamer), Panama (Emberá).

since 2009
Yiddish Dictionary. Compilation of a tree part dictionary:
German – Yiddish (original Hebrew letters) – transcription,
Transcription – Yiddish – German,
Yiddish – Transcription – German.

since 2008
Icon Recognition (with DAAD support)
Investigation of the “culture free“ concept; data collection at the UN; in Cameroon (Bagyeli), South Africa (Venda), Uganda (Batwa), Ethiopia, Panama (Emberá).

since 2005
Early Tsunami Awareness in Indigenous Peoples
(data collection at UN)