– provides opportunities of internships (please apply via e-mail below),
– cooperates in research,
– is available for indigenous peoples with regard to ensuring their rights,
– supports the implementation of culturally sustainable tourism,
– offers consulting, coaching, education and training.


Vocational Training
Our annual compact seminar is targeted to professional work in intercultural contexts, especially to those working with indigenous peoples, such as tour agencies, aid workers and related stakeholders.


On-Site Support
Within the scope of our resources, we are available to indigenous peoples for giving workshops in their villages to inform about indigenous rights, the maintenance, protection and revitalisation of indigenous culture, and strategies of implenting culturally sustainable tourism.

For students,
S.A.C.S. provides supervision of theses. They can be based on data collected on our excursions, or they can be carried out as part of one of our projects. Internships can be done with S.A.C.S., focussing either on cultural or on forensic psychology, or on both.

As a service to Family Law Courts, expert assessments are carried out, especially regarding child custody. Particular proficiency is availabe for intercultural issues.

There are a number of press and radio releases that can be referred to:
Culturally specific education,
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Yiddish in Germany (2),
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Predecessor project:

S.A.C.S. at the Long Night of the Sciences –
Photo gallery,
LNdW 2014.


Head of S.A.C.S.:
Prof. Dr. Arnold Groh
E-mail:  info @ s-a-c-s . net

Secretariat address of the S.A.C.S. representation at the International Academy for Innovative Pedagogy, Psychology and Economics gGmbH (INA):
Nassauische Str. 5
D-10717 Berlin