Projects Completed

2011 Investigation on the situation of the Hamer people in Ethiopia
(reported to UN 2012)

2010 Investigation on the situation of the Batwa people in Uganda
(reported to UN 2011)

Cross-cultural study on colour concepts
(completed 2010)

2008/2010/2012   Research in Cameroon (Bagyeli) and South Africa (Venda):
(supported by DAAD)
– Icon Recognition (investigation of the “culture free“ concept);
– Investigation of minimising cultural invasiveness;
– Investigation of indigenous colour concepts.

2004-   The use of mobile phones and its effect on indigenous social structures
2010       (data collection at the UN, in Cameroon, and South Africa)

2004-      Investigation of Comparative Judgement regarding job and living preferences
2010        (data collection in West, Central and South Africa, and at the UN)

2004   Field research in Benin und Togo (West Africa),
supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation:
– Minimising cultural invasiveness;
– Investigation of time management;
– Intercultural comparative study of gesture interpretation;
– Colour concepts of different cultural groups

2004   Yiddish pronounciation trainer (learning software, CD)